Harnessing the power of the most advanced technology!

Ella Bay Logistics takes pride in being an industry leader as demonstrated by
obtaining relevant independent certifications, maintaining professional affiliations, and harnessing the power of the most advanced technology and software options.

SmartWay Certification

SmartWay Certification. Today’s freight shipping clients are increasingly demanding accountability and transparency from the companies in their supply chain, including their transportation partners. As a registered SmartWay Partner, Ella Bay is able to meet these demands with ease. Registered SmartWay Carrier Partners measure, benchmark, and track their efforts to increase efficiency and fuel economy and have the documentation to prove it.


Active Memberships

Active memberships in TIA Transportation Intermediaries Association and Truck Stop's Diamond Broker Program are an important way that we stay active in the transportation community. These groups allow us to excel in customer service and carrier communications with multiple continuing education programs and networking opportunities. In an ever changing market, approaching our work with unbridled enthusiasm and superior industry knowledge allows us to complete each and every job flawlessly.


McLeod TMS Software

McLeod TMS Software. McLeod customers are the transportation industry’s greatest innovators.Implementing and utilizing McLeod TMS Software gives us "the ability to do more". Harnessing the power of these technologies enables us to provide unique visibility and transparency for shippers, streamline billing and settlements, target inefficiencies by creating meaningful and specific performance metrics, drive continuous improvement, and generate reliable rate data to negotiate rates with accuracy and confidence, allowing us to save time and boost efficiency at all levels of our organization.