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Please read and share: Knowledge is power - learn more about this recent criminal trend affecting our industry. Let's stay ahead of the trend, and do our part to protect our drivers, equipment and our customers' cargo. There is a new tactic being utilized in California pilferages. Criminals employ a two-vehicle strategy to halt a tractor trailer in its tracks, with one vehicle positioned ahead to block its forward movement and another vehicle positioned behind to prevent the shipment from reversing. These criminals are likely targeting shipments that have been identified and followed from their origin. If opportunities to pilfer the load while unattended or staged for an extended period do not arise, they resort to this tactic. To mitigate this risk, advise shippers in the area to remain vigilant for signs of surveillance at their origin facilities. Additionally, drivers should be on alert for any indications of being followed. If a driver suspects they are being followed, they should first slow down to 15 mph below the speed limit for 10 minutes. If the vehicle is still following, exit and then immediately re-enter the highway. If the tail persists, contact dispatch and/or your remote monitoring center before stopping in a well-lit and populated area to call police. Stopping at a police station (during business hours) or an open weigh station is a good option. Drivers should also maintain communication with dispatch and/or remote monitoring center when traveling through or stopping in a high-risk area. An immediate escalation with a path to effective law enforcement engagement is critical to driver safety and recovering stolen cargo. Thank you, Beth Tucker Sr. Business Development Manager